Twoface Media studios is located in the Wisconsin peninsula.

Although the studio may not seem impressive on the eyes, the team that operates under the label is solid, seasoned, and always anxious to do work, no matter how hefty the load may be. They work with what they have and are continuously pushing out impressive results track after track.

The label works with a select few musical projects steadily, deeming them part of the organization, or ‘family’. They are always willing to offer their services to other artists of course, as networking is a common interest not only for the label, but also the artists that operate under the Twoface name.


The team has the means to do everything necessary to prepare an album for mass production; everything from making their own beats, recording, mixing/mastering, even album artwork and promo art.

The years of experience (mostly with hip hop and EDM) keeps quality at a constant increase, and they are always expanding their reach and horizons.